Banned Books Week Highlight Part 2   Leave a comment

I promised a second highlight of Banned Books Week, and, though I’m a little late, here it is!

ALA asked readers to vote for the Top Ten Most Far-fetched Reasons to Challenge a Book.

Sarah Fischer, a staff writer for the University of Illinois’ Daily Illini wrote an editorial briefly discussing censorship and her love of banned books.

Barbara Jones, director of ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, recorded a two-part video message encouraging parents to read and discuss challenged and banned books with their children.

The Australian Broadcasting Company covered a news story about schools in Israel refusing to use censored textbooks. Not strictly BBW-related, but still an occurrence of censorship that deserves attention.

In early September, Laura Whitwell of the UK paper, Daily Mail, wrote an interesting article about books that have been challenged in Texas schools. Now, I want to find a copy of The Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln to read!

Finally, you can take ALA’s Banned Book Week Quiz. Good luck!


Posted October 6, 2011 by Alicia Schofield in intellectual freedom

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